it’s truly Raya!

Today is 30th of Syawal, according to Muslim Lunar Calendar. It marks the end of a beautiful festive month. Full of blessing, laughter and mostly great food!

My university held mega Raya Celebration weeks ago. Thanx to kind invitation from Azi & friends, I’m able to join in. First time seeing His Highness of Johore face-to-face, Daulat Tuanku! 🙂

Get to taste some of Johore cuisine, the Mee Kuah Johor. There’s Laksa Johor too-the authentic Johor scrumptious noodle but I skip this one cuz’ I’ve had it last week during the eye-to-eye meeting between new postgraduate students and biomed’s team.

Later week, FKBSK held our “open-house”, inviting postgraduates students & related staffs. Dr Rafiq request we do some decor, which I later found it to be fun and exciting! I’ve learned to weave the famous ketupat nasi from Kak Hana 🙂 It was a tough start but eventually become  interesting when the rectangular shape of ketupat nasi draw nearer 😀

#1 Ketupat nasi weaving in progress

#2 Love kak hana for this! She teach me patiently and all time smiling on my childishness.

On weekend, I received warm & sweet invitation from my colleague to their’s open house. So, it was Skudai-Tangkak-Gemencheh-Skudai tour on Saturday and Skudai-Ulu Tiram-JB-Pasir Gudang-Skudai route on Sunday.

#3 Gemecheh Dam, enchanting but lies under it an ugly truth.

 #4 Mirah, Cik Fitd and Mahani at Dayu’s house ^^;

 #5  Convoy!

#6 Kak Sharq’s cupcake right from the oven.

 #7 Aisyah holding Aisyah 🙂

#8 Aidil’s apartment!

#9 Heart-melting night view.

#10 Special recipe from Sarawak! Super delicious~

 #12 People’s house at Taman Nong Chik

#13 Jubah girls 😀

Among all, my favorite is………………….

………………… ALL OF THEM!



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