amanah dalam cinta.

Yesterday night, suppose I join my Mediteg geng to Domino’s Pizza. A new branch is now open in Taman U. Frankly, I’m excited about it because this should be my first trial on Domino. They said ‘it’s a must try!’

And normally, my sweet junior ms.Kamila will drop me at the foyer near my room but yesterday, she happens to accidentally take an early turn which led me to the other side of my residence building. Yet, its okay cuz’ I was originally planning to drop by at our minimart.

I guess, its all a fate after all, when I was walking near the minimart, my eyes catch this banner said “AMANAH DALAM CINTA-a talk held at Pavilion K9 tonight”

I’m entangled between whether it should be Domino or Pavilion K9. At last, I end up breaking up my promise with my geng. Sorry dearest all, insyaAllah in later future I’ll join the gathering (plus, we still seeing each other in the lab right? hehe 😀 )

So, after Isyak prayer, I put my scarf on and head on with a slight hesitation. Why? Because, I was alone. I invite Kak Zila to join but less fortunate she had a discussion with her classmates.

Upon arrival at the venue, I approach a girl, and eventually we grow to become friends. And throughout the night, I was fully accompanied – Alhamdulillah 😀

Mencintai sesuatu dan sesiapa haruslah bermula dengan mencintai PenciptanNya kerana Dialah yang menciptakan sesuatu dan sesiapa itu. Allah adalah akar umbi segala sesuatu. Mencintai Allah dan Allah akan memudahkan kita dicintai dan menyintai.

Panel penceramah was Ustazah Hajjah Sh. Fatma Syed Al-Masyhoor and Ustaz Don Daniel Don Biyajid.

Untuk dicintai, kita harus menyintai dahulu. Rasulullah mengajar kita supaya memberi dahulu sebelum menerima. Sepertimana Allah memberi dahulu kasih-sayangNya kepada kita, kemudian barulah kita belajar untuk membalas kasih Allah. Allah menyintai hamba-hambaNya walaupun sebelum kita jatuh cinta denganNya.

Love has ample definitions. Love for the elders. Love to family and relatives. Love men & women. Love among friends. Love the animals. Love the nature. Love everything.

Namun, cinta yang paling agung ialah cinta kepada Pencipta sekelian alam.

I want to keep falling in love. To be deeply in love with Allah and insyaAllah remain in this love far longer than forever 😀


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