living rich.

Yesterday, Kak Jmie brings kids from her mom’s kindergarten.They are very special -Fresh, carefree and exciting.

“Nama sape?” -“Syuhadah Imani”

“Imani? Eja macam mane?” – “I..M..A..N..I lah!”


“Cantik gelang Imani, buat ker beli?” – “Tikam!”


Then Kak Jmie brings sandwiches and juice. They recite prayers that will make any heart feel the sincerity. Each of them reach for the bread while saying “Please Teacher, may I have some bread?” Some even accelerate the sayings making it all just a mumbling. I laugh at their impatience. Kids…they are so lovely.

Kak Jmie ask Amirul, a small feature little boy yet very active, he keeps swinging Abu John’s hands; “Amirul dah Iqra berape?” – “Tige!”

(Kak Jmie) “Sape dah baca Iqra enam?” -several rise their hands.

I notice Muaz eyes are glittering and his body language is saying like he is waiting for something. Its like he is waiting for Kak Jmie to ask the next question and he is ready to answer it.

(Kak Jmie) “Sape dah baca Quran?” and Muaz is the first to raise his hand. I laugh and now fully understand why he looks slightly solicitous. Hahaha.. kids are wonderful.

I can tell their family economical background by the color of their cloth that fades or their shoes that are worn out. Perhaps others see them not enough, but to me, they never less.

I was 13 when I’m fully starting wearing hijab. I was 12 when I finish Quran. I was now to only understand how Allah loves me to an extend I can never imagine. But Allah open those kids heart, letting them to walk in a path with beautiful verse of Holy Book on their right hand at such an early age. Subhanallah, they are much richer than me.

Little khalifah from Tadika Nahjan. Nahjan means a bright path (jalan yang terang)

p/s: Amirul in my story is not the same as Amirul in the photo. There are two with similar name 😀


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