Mrs.Abu little adventure~

When we don’t plan for it, the plans just work.

I was in Kuala Lumpur or somewhere nearby this big city since last Tuesday. It was a midday ride on a double-decker bus from Sri Putri to new bus terminal in Bandar Tasik Selatan. Although it would be more nicer if I have company with me, still, I tried to enjoy the ride. TBS is humongous, systematic and look exclusive. Somehow make you feel like you are in KLIA. Perhaps because of the monitor they used to display the bus schedule is similar to flight departure schedule. Even Gallileo station in France doesn’t have this. Haha! 😀

Noor Azrina greets me at the end of the road. She holds my arm as if I’m a little girl. “Hati-hati ada lopak air” and I just smiled. Her room was spacious. She loves Steve Jobs like she always did. She’s still the tall, simple, skinny girl. But, Nana looks tired. Her eyes said so. I guess because her experience with Freescale seasoned her.

Nurul Syazana was here too on my second day in Setia Jaya. She has a job interview in Seremban. Still the happy-go-lucky girl with an old-school fashion spectacle. Despite her stressful days in SEGi, she never gives up. Her determination, make me salute.

Nazurah was standing in the same couch in Putra, but I didn’t notice her. She have more flesh now than she was during undergraduate, thank God! We’ve talked a lot. About project. About health. About marriage. About life. Loneliness caused people to feel empty. Emptiness makes people search. Searching lead to many more question marks. Only Allah will know what our future shape like. Round? Oval? Just let it be. Allah never once wrong in His calculation 😀

Nadhirah and her title remain like in old days. She is indeed a pure electronic-brain girl. I was next to her, but her eyes stay put on the bread board. Hahaha! I love how passionate she was when it comes to work. Really is. You’ll feel motivated and wanna strive hard too.

Zainal is of course Jnal. If he’s Faizal Tahir, then he wouldn’t be called Zainal. Hehe! I envy him. He has working experience at  two different places, which I believe will help him a lot in future. His resume will look awesome!

Zamzamir is UniMAP student. Just because you will be seeing him wandering around in UM, that doesn’t mean he transfer there. He is still Dr.Kenneth’s student. The proof is, ask him where is Perdana Siswa and I bet he can’t answer it! Hahaha!

Poh Choo is working on something and I guess from the way she interpret it, she is not enjoying it much. But, I believe the strong-independent Poh Choo will not be easily shaken. She probably be taking slightly different path now, but she will shine just the same. Poh Choo dear, perhaps you have to get wet, get soaked first, then only you’ll be able to taste the sweet-warm victory. A cup of coffee and a blanket wouldn’t feel so nice if it’s not because of the rain. 😀

Siti Aisyah grows up so fast. In my mind, I picture her based on previous memory. How I didn’t realize she is now a married woman. Have a family of her own. She talks about pregnancy. She used terms like mother-in-law, husband, baby in a way like adults did. I was surprised but a happy one. I keep smiling seeing how much this little girl found her own definition of responsibilities while I’m still here, unchanged, thinking  and doubting, ‘can I handle responsibility?’

Mei Ying cuts her hair even shorter make her look more stylish. She is now in UTeM and I can tell how happy she is to be studying in her hometown.

Tommy is….err…. the photo photographer! Hahaha! 😀 I still didn’t see that photo been posted in Facebook. Have to give Azu some time. Her laptop is paralyzed now.

So, I came up with three conclusion. One  – I hate taking KTM during peak hour. Seriously! Two – Time has wings. Three – thank you Allah for making this trip an unexpected reunion. Alhamdulillah.

Cape Town Nana. (Mutiara Court,Setia Jaya)
The only section in Nana’s room that is cute.Haha!

p/s: A friend reminds me, if I wish for something then pray. Don’t cling to human. And he is absolutely true. Quote back what Mat Luthfi’s friend said in his latest video – ko kena bergantung pada yang tak kan mati.

– – – Photos displayed are taken using Nana’s Sony cum DSLR. Love it!


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