This is WAR!

….and it is war! But a fun and happy war~ 😀

Raja proposed for paintball two days before. But we had to cancel it after assuming that the place probably close. We assume public holiday is publicly make everyone holiday. Glad, it didn’t. So, the plan resume – Alhamdulillah.

I was nervous, very nervous. Although I keep saying to Raja that I’ll shoot him for sure. Although I sound like a brave Sparta. Although I volunteer to be an attacker. But I was nervous, very deeply indeed nervous. One thing, that makes me fight the adrenaline was : I wanna try this! I want to challenge myself for this. At least once in a lifetime. And so I did. And I’m glad I did. I’m glad Allah writes this upon me. I’m glad my first paintball is with those I dearly personally like 😀

The game was fun even before it start. The instructor deliver a brief yet compact, how-to manual. When the instructor lift the riffle (marker is the correct term actually) to the air, Faiz react. When the instructor shoot, Faiz react too. Faiz’s reaction was epic. He keeps making all those funny (scare) expression. 😀 😀

Seeing how Faiz react, I doubt my team will win. Plus, there’s Nazri, whom suppose to be insan lemah said Dayu. Oh,yes! Team blue consist of me (of course), Nazri, Ecah, Kemey, Hadi and…. Faiz. Hehehe 😀

But in the battle field, it was all different. Faiz manage to shift my doubt 180 degree when he was the one who KILL 5 MEMBERS OF RED TEAM. He was the one who is very brave to move forward. He, the one who complains about ‘is the uniform hygiene enough‘ is the guy who become the hero of the day. Hahahaa, who would have thought that! Kemey too was heroic. When Meen attack me, he dodge and attack back. Again in second round, he stood up and attack Aidil. Nazri and Raja fight was definitely no mercy! Whoever shoot face-to-face? But they did on their third round battle. Hahaha!

There’s blood (seriously, there is blood), sweat, bruise, pain, oily, messy, fatigue BUT that can never shaken our FUN, EXCITING, TEAM WORK, ENJOYMENT, HILARIOUS and HAPPY MOMENTS TOGETHER!

My team is the best. They bring victory on first strike! Thanx to Faiz, Kemey, Nazri, Ecah and Hadi. 

Our ultimate opponent from Team Arnab Comel – YB Azam, Meen, Raje, Aidil, Kak Jmie and sweet but vigorous Dayu

I’ve learned BIG LESSON from this. All this while, I never know how war feels like until last night. Well, at least an idea how war is. I’ve learned, how grateful (Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah) we are to be living in a peaceful and harmony country. Can we ever sleep soundly at night if there’s missiles everywhere? Hmmm.. things to ponder.


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