no worry, we don’t close.

I was walking and saw this girl,a stranger and greet her with a smile. I’m heading to the front gate. I’m going to the lab even by walking. Its mid morning. The sun shining bright. I peek at the bus stop, but no one is there. As expected. I assume, bus service is not functioning today. And so, I swing my paper bag and stroll down the hill. The morning heat touch my skin. But I determine to continue. I don’t know what pulls me to take a detour instead of my usual route. Few cars drove fast and I smile. I’m only in Kolej Perdana, there’s 2.1km to go. Then, suddenly a car stop. She was the before girl. The girl I exchange smile with. She said, “Hop in. Where you going?” I hesitate but she insists. She’s driving to IVAT. Her name is kak Jmie. She’s doing PhD in electrical engineering. She happens to be Penang Mari – north people too. Thanking her and we wave goodbye.

From IVAT, I walk. Less than 1km, I should be reaching my place. As I passed the automobile department, Jamal pass me. He stop and wave. Signaling me to get in his car, “Come on!” I smile. Upon reaching foyer, I thanked Jamal and rush in. I saw shoes – many of them, and very familiar with it. They are here! 😀

The whole morning, I keep on smiling, thinking how great unexpected can be. Allah loves giving surprises. When I  don’t complaint about getting all sweating, He let someone ‘fetch’ me. When I’m not asking too much, He helps me. When I accept things as they are, He makes me receive. Allah does exist, no doubt. Allah can hear, no doubt. Allah understands, no doubt. Verily in Allah and you’ll find peace, no doubt!

Not even a single day, a single minute nor a blink of eyes that He says, “Sorry, we are closed. Sorry, we don’t take any orders. Sorry”
There is no late comers as long as you repent (taubah) and change for the better. Allah is Merciful. Allah is Forgiving. 

He’s always there. He untangled worries. He spark happiness. He makes everything just perfect.

Dear Allah,please stay with me. How will I survive without You?

This photo was taken in 2009. Time accelerate too fast.