An alphabet that comes before L – lively. She is lively and bring live to many life.

I first met her after two months residing in south. She happens to stay in the same circle as me, only a block away. She is 165cm, a centimetre more than me, but because her flesh is very less in comparison making she looks much taller than me. She was born on the same date as my younger sister. Perhaps, astrology does exist. The physic of human character being born in the same month as explained by myth teller sometimes undeniable. They do resemble each other, not all but few yet they share similarities – my sister,Y and K.

Her imagination is wild beyond creative. When she tell stories, I laugh, I giggle but in the end I come to one conclusion, a genius will always be one. She stands out a lot just by being herself. She told me about feeling responsible for those who is needy. And when I thought she only meant those poor people out the street, she clarify it saying, “Besides, I care about my friend. Its a feeling of responsibility” I bow down and smile. She is divine.

Her goddess cuteness portrait by the way she tease others. She loves prank. She is outspoken and brave in her own definition. She seems tough, but fragile in the inside. She hates blood and terrorism. She says NO! to action hero movies and paintball.

Sometimes, I peek from afar to observe her. Wondering what this girl had at the back of her mind? Her curiosity and the way she defines things always is intriguing. Its fascinate me to see how different her perspective is toward certain scenario. When others are hoping for large package with big red ribbon, she request I recite a prayer.

And so, she reach her twenty-fourth.

Dear Kamila,

Happy Birthday dear. Thank you for all the cakes, cookies, balloon and cotton candies you’ve made us daily 🙂


Kak Su.

And of course, beside the phone call I still insist to wish….

Love ya’ always~


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