Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki seorang ibu.Syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki seorang suami.

Can you foresee yourself in future? in 5years? in 10years? after life? Where do you plan to be?

This has been asked by a great teacher. He makes me think a lot since his last tazkirah petang. Where do you plan to be Suna? On top of the mountain fixing a flag with your name on it? Or riding a roller-coaster ups and down but enjoy every turn of it? Where do you wanna go Suna? Where is the place that will make you happy head over heels? Because your destination decide your next move.

Do you know, human can actually  focus only on ONE thing although they probably be holding a cellphone, listening to music, typing and lip sync all at the same moment. We thought we are multitasking enough but research shows, brain just don’t. A simple test should help you to understand a bit of how minds work. Now, start reading the sentence below:

If you are reading this sentence at your PC, at your desk, did your eyes notice and take alert of the background color of the wall behind your PC?

Let me guess, its NO right? Yes, it is no. But, some of you who are very familiar of  your surrounding would be able to answer the wall color. That is not focus, that is called memory. Because when we focus, we only focus – singular.

Lets conclude everything. Where is your focus destination? Where are you heading to? By now, I know very well where I wish NOT to be. And, by default I know exactly where I wanna be. Although I’m aware I don’t certified enough, I’m less, I’m like a rotten fruit but still I can only wish to be in heaven. Have heard about Hell, the Jahanam? If you did, you will scare to hell. Wallahualam.

Neraka sendiri tidak tahan dengan kepanasnya, ia meminta izin dari Allah untuk menghembuskan nafasnya ke dunia, lalu diizinkan. Satu nafas neraka yang dihembuskan cukup untuk kegunaan dunia selama satu tahun.  Hadis riwayat Abu Hurairah ra., ia berkata: Rasulullah saw. bersabda: Neraka mengadu kepada Tuhannya. Kata neraka: Ya Tuhanku, sebahagianku memakan sebahagian yang lain. Allah lalu mengizinkan neraka untuk menghembuskan dua nafas, nafas pada musim dingin dan nafas pada musim panas. Nafas yang kedua adalah hawa paling panas yang biasa yang engkau rasakan. Nafas yang pertama adalah hawa paling dingin yang engkau rasakan. Matahari itu sangat juga panas kerana cahayanya berasal dari api neraka.  Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda “Telah diwakilkan kepada sembilan malaikat khas untuk melontar salji tiap-tiap hari kepada matahari. Kalau tidak dibuat demikian, terbakarlah alam ini”. (Riwayat Tabrani dari Abu Umamah)