Best Student has graduated – Siti Hidayana

Congratulation to Siti Hidayana on her graduation and been awarded with Best Student Award
during UTM’s 49th Convocation Ceremony.
May in future, Allah write upon her a far greater success, Ameen.

This is a special entry dedication from suna@photography.

|Terbang di angkasa raya|

|In the crowd, we stand tall|

|The joy spoke through thin air|

|Smiling underneath|

|Gossip galore|

|Yana and her Baby Lion, the Peugeot 208|

|Yana and everyone’s greatest support, mom|


|Yana, Ema, Fairus|

|Under the sun|

|Humble slave praising the Almighty|

|De’ Tropika, 10:22|


2 thoughts on “Best Student has graduated – Siti Hidayana

  1. Credit to Su Natasha!! She makes my day more sweet with all these cute pictures.. Thanks for ur wish.. Wish u all the best in your future too.. Will miss u.. muahhhh ❤ ❤

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