flowers bloom

The more you practise, the better you get. Your finger riddles like you were born with it. The first pattern I did, was no close to any pattern at all. I end up loosing up the yarn and redo it. Yet, again I failed. Just so to calm myself, I hang the unidentified-stitch-together yarn to my Panther. And then I started off with a new pattern. Planning for something cool, well, at least that’s what my brain is picturing. But the outcome still a puzzle, let’s wait for future to answer that. The thing is, I came up with a theory. My theory comes along the process – the more you practise, the better you get. Within these few days, I get tangled over and over. Confused but I survived. Somehow I’m guessing because I have other bigger problem (a real problem) I didn’t realize that I actually couldn’t feel the burden of failing a single petal. I keep do and redo, do and redo until I realize my finger dance freely.

Don’t put yourself too much into it Suna. You’ve work so damn hard. For two and half years, you should not say you didn’t achieve anything. For two and half years, you’ve learned something big. Bigger than the globe.