Yes, I do!

Wedding is an evergreen event. Never fade as time grows old. I assume this celebration is far desired than Oscar Award especially for meant-to-be couples. And of all these years, I never had the chance to get deeply involve with it. Maybe because I’m the oldest without a reference sister. Or maybe because previously I thought wedding is simply just about appointing bridal package and catering – and that’s it, done! Wedding? Check!

Little do I know, marriage and what’s more wedding require copious numbers of efforts if you want to bake the ‘YOUR DAY event’ in a life-time memory. Everything needs rush. Register date, book the caterer, wedding course, medical check-up, sending out invitations and more. Many more. Too more that I’m glad so far it’s not my turn yet. There are so many things to learn and every day I gain something pieces by pieces. One day when all these pieces became a picture, that’s when right time is. InsyaAllah 😀

Conversely, throughout the process, I’ve made a conclusive hypothesis – every single engaged lady wants a grand finale.

 And from my scrutinize observations; grand wedding or not is not on how expensive is your white lace gown and long veil, not on how much quid you spent on card’s deco, not on how luxurious fritter you had on makeup artist. But I would rather say, grand celebration is when we get to blend fantasy desire and rational thoughts in one cup.

I’ve heard before about how couples make personal loan and had it called as ‘once in a lifetime endeavour . And later finds frown swell when the bills hit home mailbox. The frequency of face rub and hair scrape increase when 3 months later, the wife told husband she’s pregnant. On the day when urine test become positive, a married couple shouldn’t be worried about financial, instead they should rejoice the fetus that’s growing in mom’s womb, don’t you think?

As someone as messy as me and sometimes an avant-garde, I too believe in minimalist. I trust mix and match what’s available in grandma’s store can deliver elegant impression too. I trust right waist line can make you more than a queen too. I trust single layer cake can be as far attractive as cake-boss extravagant too (while considering cupcakes). I trust hand-made cards can be the next best seller design too. Because, I trust the best wedding is when you celebrate according to your saving afford, not crap loan masked behind the word “good time investment”.

I’m still a bachelorette though; and perhaps some would think, how kid I look to be talking about something I don’t experience myself. But, standing outside the working zone has some privilege. It sometimes let you think much better; more conscience and wiser. Wallahualam.


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