An extension: which Newton’s law is the best actually?


Caption: You and motion become one as you move.

What is your motion flavour? Parallel? Circular? Or zero gravity?
Where do you enjoy it? Speed racing side to side? Ferris wheel? Or diving in the deep ocean?

No matter how you move, when and where, it can never be less interesting.
The force that produce sufficient energy to penetrate resistance is intriguing, is powerful.
Because, it’s not easy to tell yourself to work a move.

An extension.

Deep, it cuts me more and more.
With every sleepless nights and every drenched-in-sweat days, an extension is a bullet that kills all.
So, which Newton’s law is the best to apply in this scenario?

I dunno.
I don’t have an answer, could be never will.
What I can do is, to keep moving on.

For that, I should be grateful, although this has never been easy, but this movement is my motion, my way.
The least I can tell myself for time being.


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