‘peace be upon you’

I crawled shivering in dark

From one end to a place I’m about to know

But I’m lost.

And you found.

From a spot of light grows to a beam

You held me and show the way.

 ‘Dalam Hati Ada Iman’
Written by Suna on  25th Jamadil U’lla.

Welcome to my new cupboard.
And I’m welcoming myself too to this new home. I have strong and rigid reason (maybe) about this whole idea of metamorphosis. To answer the ‘why’ question does not match the concept of this new place. Thus, I let alone the question hung. I believe what matters is continual. InsyaAllah, more bright and wise will kick’in.

Bismillahirahmanirahim, with this I  start my blog (again) 😉

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