We are close
Like an item
Inseparable, undeniable
But lately,
Even when you near
I feel our distance
I’m lost in your presence
Your reply cold as ice
Your smile hidden by clouds
Your humour unspoken

We are close, once.
We are close, before the storm.

Suna, 29.04.2013 ‘Nonchalantly’


Ok! So this is how things start . . . . . I was listening to Before The Storm – by Jonas Brothers featuring Miley in a live concert and it was raining heavily outside. And suddenly these sentences come crossing my mind in a second blink. And I was writing this too fast that the ‘tap tap’ tapping sound of my keyboard make an upbeat music (hehe). And all this happen (when I was less expecting it), when I was supposed to write a draft for my upcoming manuscript.

The word I choose ‘nonchalantly‘, is because I was so engrossed of this word by how the pronunciation of it make it so tricky. Because ‘non‘ ‘cha‘ and ‘lan‘ are words where you need to lift up your tongue a bit, interesting!

The photo was during my trip back home last week. My Mom saw this and she pointed it to me. Few pigeons were ‘sun bathing’ under hot streaming tropical sun when I was trying my best to hide under every shades.

Now, I need to get back to my manuscript and my finger stop at immediate instance. Urgh, writing is hard. 😀


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