Istikharah undi

General Election is on count down. Everyone is overly excited, regardless which party they fight for, regardless which side they stand on. Regardless either they are the current, the hope or the observer.
And I was thinking, ‘why not before the election been thrown, each of us bow our head down, held our hand and pray:
May what we choose bring peace to our ancestor’s ¬†generations

Istikharah is an Arabic word associate with a prayer perform specifically when we need to make a choice, herein lies the need for guidance from Him. Besides, istikharah can also be when we have decided on one certain thing, we make the prayer to assure our decision is right.

Photo was taken at a small stall. Chinese chess are hardly seen nowadays and when I saw them, my body swing right away toward it. Some old folks were sipping their coffee at late afternoon on Sunday and had these chess set aside after a battle.



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