roads we travelled


I have travelled down the road of many vices,
I have travelled down the road of fractured dreams,
I have travelled down the roads of lovers leaving,
and I have travelled down those roads enough, it seems.

I have travelled down the highways of injustice,
and travelled on the highways of deceit,
I have travelled down the many roads of doubt,
and traversed too many roads of ‘ incomplete ‘.

I have driven on the turnpikes of destruction,
and I have rested on the sides of these at night,
I have travelled down the roads of wrong selection,
and I have known the fear that comes with needless

I have ventured down the highways of reflection,
and gazed upon the pathways of despair,
I have traveled down the road of self-deception,
and found, that in the end …
nobody really cares!

In all my aimless travel,
I have found it to be true …
that no matter what you think you know,
… there always is a different point of view!

Barry Van Allen
Poem was written by Barry Van Allen, an anonymous figure in celebs world but he is famous in his own way. He wrote lots of  poems and this ‘Road’ is one of the hit. I enjoy the last phrases of this piece about everything can be different in different point of view.
Photo was taken at Timah Tasoh Dam, Perlis. One of magnificent view you can find in my little home town. I’m thinking to print this for a postcard, or just maybe. Having this doubt playing. We’ll see 😀

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