In my early teen years, I’ve met someone like Reefqy – a person full of superiority as said by Hilal Asyraf.

We stand on other people’s shadow and feel proud about it.
We make the ‘tiny’ felt tinier.
We believe we look great by out point other’s mistakes.
We think when we highlight problems, we are addressing the solutions.
We point fingers and called them antagonist, the rival of society, a mistake, a devil!

Bismillahirahmanirahim… O My servants who have transgressed against their own souls, despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surah az-Zumar 39:53)

And in one Hadith Qudsi: “O son of Adam, as long as you call upon Me and put your hope in Me, I have forgiven you for what you have done and I do not mind. O son of Adam, if your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky and then you would seek My forgiveness, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, if you were to come to Me with sins that are close to filling the earth and then you would meet Me without ascribing any partners with Me, I would certainly bring to you forgiveness close to filling it.”


Today, I see Reefqy whenever I stand in front of the mirror; a regret cut 6-feet deeper when flashback plays.
Today, I just realize if only I open a hope rather than squeezing a chance to bloom, things probably wouldn’t be further worse.
Today, tonight, I dial a number. A person whom I’m fault to. I want him to know, I love him and I’m sorry.

May all of us be forgiven.



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