Friendship is an involuntary reflex, it just happens and you can’t help it – Ted Mosby in How I Meet Your Mother

I was by myself last weekend, waiting for bus patiently. I greet a girl next to me to confirm on my bus arrival. However, she is not taking the same route as me and that suggest she don’t know if I might have missed my bus. I thought I’ll just gonna wait some more because I’m too lazy to take any effort to drag all my luggage to the ticket counter for rigid confirmation.

While I was about to plug my ears and start listening to my own playlist, the girl ask on my where about. She introduced herself as a college graduate looking forward for university life. Her cliché question was “How to survive in university?” chuckles me. It takes me few minute to consider the most appropriate answer for that. I end up saying, ‘Please take care of your solah and Quran’.

She do most of the talking ( I think 😛 ) and I just finish her sentences. What I like most about her is, her youth spirit well portrayed from her body language. I can still recall her smile and enthusiasm speech about future and hopes. It’s amazing how small chat can bring back our long-lost memory. Having her around, I didn’t even caught a glance on time and that’s satisfy me a lot, as if I’ve been filled up. The small chat was fun and eventually ends with number exchange upon her request.

I remember doing the exact same thing when I was her age. You feel the necessity to keep in touch, even with stranger. Perhaps, that was how love bloom last time. Although I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be doing it again, but I cherish that small parts of my past.

Oh! She just text me~ (smile)


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