Latte at 0% sugar.

| Curiosity can kills the cat but without it will you ever know banana can be sour and tangerine be sweet?|

…And so here I am wanting to share a piece of my current life. Life no matter how good you want it to be, sometimes it doesn’t turn in your way but be it or not somehow you stay just fine. Life in its best and in its worse, it is what suits you for the better today and tomorrow. Looking back, I think I’m transforming a lot in relative. During now in my late twenties (oh, gosh! haha~) many things are considered although I have to be frank, mistakes are still part of me. But, handling them in a way I’ve never been tested before has become a new experience. Learning and learning. In the end, you gain something. Something that polish you. Scratch, bruise and pain makes you stay robust and stronger. Laughter, happiness and joy makes you cherish being alive. Yes or no answer is just a platform but what’s important is what you decide to do with it – either to stay or leap forward. And I can’t say which one is the best scenario but I believe as long as you stay in close contact with Allah, He will held your hand and show you way to Jannah šŸ™‚ Allah has offered options and I’m glad I’m becoming to understand this. Alhamdulillah.

This quote was posted by A.Azlan which boost my smiles to a no end.

“Why doesn’t Allah answer my du’a?”
Allah does answer your du’a:
He says yes and gives you what you want.
He says no and gives you something better.
He says wait and gives you what’s best for you in due time.

Allah knows best. Know that our du’a is never wasted.

Sya’ban has arrived since a week ago. Grab this opportunities to make thousand of du’a.
It’s a holy month full of blessing.

Salam Sya’ban to all šŸ˜€Ā 

p/s: I love latte with 0% sugar, taste divine and honest.


2 thoughts on “Latte at 0% sugar.

  1. when Allah leads you to the edge of a cliff, only one out of two things would happen.
    Either He catches you when you fall, or He teaches you how to fly.


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