I dialed my father and as he picks up the call, I shout “Ayah! HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!!” He laughs out.

I believe I have a father unlike any other father. He flies all the way back home when he heard I fall sick. He scolds me if I’m taking solah lightly. He help washed my dishes when I just left it in the sink. He calls me watermelon sometimes but still believes I’m pretty princess. He lays his finger and stroke my forehead when I’m sobbing over bad grades. He wakes up for tahajjud and pray for all of us while we sleep soundly. I don’t think I can fall to any guy more than my father because my love to my father is custom made.  Cut me open, take my soul, do anything, but my love to my father retain unchanged.

Thank you Ayah, I couldn’t love you as much as you love me even if I try because you always do better.



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