#2 Ramadhan Reflection: chained heart

” Do you know when is she coming back? ”

” Not sure, why? ”

” Oh, me and her, we’ve been talking….we worried about you ”

” Me? ”

” Yeah..about your solah……
….You’ve missed them a lot right? ”

(continue) ” Ermm.. if she’s around she can do the reminding because I need to go home ”


– – – – – – – – – – –

A friend is just a friend if we only said hi.  A friend is a play mate during fun and exciting enjoyment. A friend is a good listener if he listens attentively. A friend is a great helper if he offers help when others create excuses. But of all these, a friend is a great companion is he reminds you of solah. Life is slippery indeed but with good-heart friends around, they make sure to caught you before hit hard ground. Alhamdulillah.
And shouldn’t we added them into our doa? They deserve it 🙂

gorjuss himym

Verily, your Walî (Protector or Helper) is Allah, His Messenger, and the believers (the fellowship), – those who perform As-Salat (solah), and give Zakat (charity), and they bow down (submit themselves with obedience to Allah in prayer)
(Al-Maidah: 55)


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