#4 Ramadhan Reflection: tips

Yesterday I’ve written about Ramadhan and taqwa. Well, continual of the discussion was several tips never knew before were share by our sister usrah-mate. I mean, I didn’t know about this before due to my lack of knowledge in Islam, but perhaps you already knew these. Still, I hope this benefit in many ways. Thus, my usrah-mate highlighted these:


 Eat too much during fast breaking (iftar) will break you. Imagine your stomach is like a balloon. During fasting, our stomach has less food (almost empty), so saying our balloon is deflated.  During iftar, by sudden you are pumping the balloon with air at high-speed and BOOM! your balloon will pop. In our case, of course the stomach wouldn’t blow (not yet, I hope) but what happen is our body cell has to work out like crazy twice to trice time its normal rate and this sudden change will cause fatigue. Fasting should be a healthy exercise but instead turn disastrous if we take this matter lightly. It’s best to eat in small portion time to time. We can still munch our favorite murtabak (pan-fried bread filled with minced beef serve with curry) after tarawikh 😀

 During suhoor, if its necessary you could consume vitamins to help you stay fit the whole day. I myself took some supplements and there’s no wrong to that. There’s been suggestion to eat beans, almonds (nuts) and yogurt. I took banana last night and I think I’m gonna keep doing it tonight 😀

 Drink lots of water after iftar. During tarawikh, I’ll bring a big water bottle along and drink water alternating between each solah.


 This occur to me always specially after Subuh. But what I’ve learned that I become weaker and weaker as I thought resting more will converse more energy. Wrong! What happen is vice versa. So, a good tips shared by our usrah sister is to recite Quran and zikr after Subuh (Dawn Prayer) until the sun rise. It is said that those who stay still at its Sajadah (prayer mat) from Subuh till sun rise in remembrance of Allah, shall be rewarded with deed equivalent to those perform Hajj. Great offer! 😀 And if you notice, there’s only one period of time that we feel overly sleepy but after we get through that moment, the yawning suddenly disappear.


 There are many times when we feel like doing things we shouldn’t but we stop ourselves from doing it because we are fasting. In simplest example, we feel hungry, our stomach is growling hard like there’s a typhoon in our belly. But we hold still to fasting, we didn’t take food nor even drink a drop of water. By that time, during that exact moment we are actually telling ourselves to obey to Allah. And when this occur, not only our soul but all parts of our body is obeying Allah too. So, make use of this opportunity to make doa. InsyaAllah, your prayer will be answered 🙂


 My usrah sister said that there’s some of us who loves to socialized and hangout exceedingly during Ramadhan. They named it as ‘iftar party‘. This sounds a bit odd to me but it is said that those who loves iftar party spend too many times on buffet and chit-chats, they happen to spend less time socializing with Allah. Ramadhan comes and pass like wind. If you didn’t take ample time to feel its existence, it will went away without any trace. Suddenly, Ramadhan ends just like that.

Super-speed Tarawikh

 It’s common to hear people search for mosque where the Imam recite shortest ayah during Tarawikh. Some even found a super speed Imam where eight rakaah plus witr (Closing Solah) finish in less than 15 minutes. Fuh, that’s fast! But what’s the use of it? We lost the soul of solah itself and end up getting tired over nothing. Allah has spoil us with every goodness no one can offer more, so why don’t we thank Him properly. Just 1 hour a day for 30 days, let’s do it right. Let’s pray Tarawikh with sincerity and courteous.

These mistakes highlighted are still mine and I’m still in the process of learning. Change is hard as these bad habits has bound to my vein, glued to my skin. But at least, later on in front of Allah I will have the strength to say, ‘I’ve tried my very best to improve myself’ and wouldn’t be ashamed for not trying at all. Bismillahirahmanirahim. 


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