Friendship is an involuntary reflex, it just happens and you can’t help it – Ted Mosby in How I Meet Your Mother

I was by myself last weekend, waiting for bus patiently. I greet a girl next to me to confirm on my bus arrival. However, she is not taking the same route as me and that suggest she don’t know if I might have missed my bus. I thought I’ll just gonna wait some more because I’m too lazy to take any effort to drag all my luggage to the ticket counter for rigid confirmation.

While I was about to plug my ears and start listening to my own playlist, the girl ask on my where about. She introduced herself as a college graduate looking forward for university life. Her cliché question was “How to survive in university?” chuckles me. It takes me few minute to consider the most appropriate answer for that. I end up saying, ‘Please take care of your solah and Quran’.

She do most of the talking ( I think 😛 ) and I just finish her sentences. What I like most about her is, her youth spirit well portrayed from her body language. I can still recall her smile and enthusiasm speech about future and hopes. It’s amazing how small chat can bring back our long-lost memory. Having her around, I didn’t even caught a glance on time and that’s satisfy me a lot, as if I’ve been filled up. The small chat was fun and eventually ends with number exchange upon her request.

I remember doing the exact same thing when I was her age. You feel the necessity to keep in touch, even with stranger. Perhaps, that was how love bloom last time. Although I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be doing it again, but I cherish that small parts of my past.

Oh! She just text me~ (smile)


roads we travelled


I have travelled down the road of many vices,
I have travelled down the road of fractured dreams,
I have travelled down the roads of lovers leaving,
and I have travelled down those roads enough, it seems.

I have travelled down the highways of injustice,
and travelled on the highways of deceit,
I have travelled down the many roads of doubt,
and traversed too many roads of ‘ incomplete ‘.

I have driven on the turnpikes of destruction,
and I have rested on the sides of these at night,
I have travelled down the roads of wrong selection,
and I have known the fear that comes with needless

I have ventured down the highways of reflection,
and gazed upon the pathways of despair,
I have traveled down the road of self-deception,
and found, that in the end …
nobody really cares!

In all my aimless travel,
I have found it to be true …
that no matter what you think you know,
… there always is a different point of view!

Barry Van Allen
Poem was written by Barry Van Allen, an anonymous figure in celebs world but he is famous in his own way. He wrote lots of  poems and this ‘Road’ is one of the hit. I enjoy the last phrases of this piece about everything can be different in different point of view.
Photo was taken at Timah Tasoh Dam, Perlis. One of magnificent view you can find in my little home town. I’m thinking to print this for a postcard, or just maybe. Having this doubt playing. We’ll see 😀

kuala lumpur.

It wasn’t a part of the list. It wasn’t in the plan. It was totally unexpected. An invitation but I don’t refuse. This is how things become a written history.


The “slowest” fast food in town.

Exclusive – We’ve been eyeing on this for quite a while and I’m deeply grateful I have friends whom willing to drive hundred kilometers north, just because we heard a lot about it.  It’s been spamming our email, spazzing our facebook wall, haming our twitter even if we are vegan. Although there is another reason that pulls us to KL, still, the main objective is the famous grilled burger. That is how strong publicity made us “we just had to give a shot”.

The stall – short note:  it was just a semi-size stall but with an estimation gross profit of million ringgit by the end of this year – starts operating at around 6pm and when we arrive around 9, the queue is caterpillar long. Two things are required before you start off – A GANG OF SUPER CRAZY FOOD LOVERS and AN EMPTY STOMACH LIKE THOSE OF SOMALIANS. Later you will realize how much this will become handy to you 😉

Upon arrival, ask one of your friends to grab a number. Just head to where the crowd is, ask for a number from a guy there. Basically the same way how things work in the bank, getting a queue number. Meanwhile, ask your other friend to look for a seat. This could be quite challenging despite of a very minimal number of tables available there. You should start browsing the menu by then. If you are first timer like us, probably you would need more time. The price varies according to order. A’la carte is definitely cheaper than set, but like the wise saying had “everything that you pay more, come with larger portion”. If you dine in I would suggest you took the set. It comes with two sausages and fritz drink which I enjoyed dearly.  I have double patty mixed of beef and chicken burger with bacon strips and cheesy sauce. As for the drink, I go with lemon. They also served strawberry, mango, soursop and mixed fruit.

Almost everything there is self-service, so you have to place your order yourself. While one is ordering the food, ask one or two of your other friends to queue for the drinks.  Payment need to be done before dining. Our order number is 146 and the current count is 102. So, I guess you can tell why I call this post the slowest fast food. This is the second reason why you need a group of super crazy food lover friend because they won’t mind waiting, they will not nagging or annoyed you and patiently enjoy the thrilling of waiting for one and half hour. We gossips, we chat, and we make fun of each other and trust me it was hilarious all the way through.

The long wait comes to its end when a guy called out our order number.

I love the in-house beef patty but I love the handmade bacon more. The crisp give a great texture experience. My assumption was the patty is going to be medium-rare, but to my surprise it was cooked to perfection which I believe is the best way of eating beef. I hate blood smell whenever I eat something. Forget to mention, there also 10 patties burger if you dare to take the challenge. It cost less than RM60 which in my opinion is reasonable. All in all I would rank this burger experience 4.5/5.0. I wanted to give perfect score but I believe a small flaw enhance more upgrades. They should add more seats for a more conducive dining experience and proper lighting. It was quite dark and that explain why the burger photo looks like it was in police interrogation room. Thanks to Kamila’s torchlight, we get to snap the photos.

When writing an essay, teacher will teach you to write everything in chronology; from the introduction and moving down to objectives and conclusion. However, in my case I straightly start with the main agenda and later jump back to the intro. Well, I have my own reason. When taking photos of the burger preparations, crowds and etc at the Burger Bakar stall, one of the chefs kindly invite me, Raja and Tiah to the back of the stall. He did some flaming demo and because of him and with help from Raja, we get to shot this exclusive photo. I wished to thank Mr. Unknown Chef’s Name, Raja and Tiah for willingly to fulfill my photography satisfaction – THANK YOU!!!

Burger Bakar Address: Jalan 4/27a, Wangsa Maju Section 2, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Facebook: Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw


A short trip to a place called city.

Saturday – We have light breakfast at R & R Pagoh. I noticed they built a glass door surrounding the food court, a way to reduce numbers of flies that enjoyed tango around you while you had your meal. It was great idea with the glass door but somehow, the flies are still numerous. Maybe some more effort will help to cut down those flies to one or two. It’s not appropriate to see some flies flying in your soup isn’t it? Frankly, it’s very disgusting. Then we head off to Bangsar. Kak Jmie want to drop at Dian Pelangi’s boutique whish I’m also anticipated about it too, unfortunately we simply can’t find a place to park a car. Sadly, we cancel Bangsar. We off to KLCC and had our lunch at the food court. Kak Jmie ate Teppanyaki, me and Kamila have Milano Marinara Seafood Spaghetti while Tiah enjoy her Cabonara Fettuccine. I don’t really like the Marinara sauce but Tiah’s Cabonara is awesome. Then we took a metro to Masjid Jamek and  strolling along Jalan TAR. Guess what. KJmie and her cousin had Laksa Penang after less than 2 hour lunch. Haha!! 😀 Later, we went to Wangsa Maju for the Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar.

Sunday – All day electronics gadgets in Low Yat and after Isyak’ we head back to Johor.