#9 Ramadhan Reflection: a dream

This video was shared over by a friend but I wasn’t able to watch until now.
Subhanallah, if only we know how lucky we were to live another month in Ramadhan. Check this talk by Ustadh Majed Mahmoud to know why a Martyr (Shaheed) gets to go into Jannah (Paradise) second after a man who died in normal death.
May we get to see more Ramadhan in life and be part of its soul. May all of us dream of Jannah because there’s no better ending than to that. Ameen.

. . . . .


#1 Ramadhan Reflection: collecting gems

Alhamdulillah, all praises goes to the One and Only Almighty God, The Most Merciful; Allah Azza wa Jalla for I have managed the first fasting day. Although there’s ample space for improvement in my amals, but I’m grateful today went through just nice. Simple sailing, the weather is calm, the food for iftar was scrumptious, the Tarawikh serenades tranquillity and I enjoyed the Imam’s recitation. Tonight also embark the second nights of Tarawikh. Okeh,stop! All these babbling aforementioned is actually to insert this video below. Just a sharing of a powerful interactive media content on recitation holy Quran. A habit once mine.
Bismillah, may Quran be part of me once again and they said the best month to start a change is during Ramadhan 😀

(the script for the video can be found here)

“Just a simple definition”

~ Allah Azza wa Jalla : Allah the Most Glorious and Majestic
~ Tarawikh : solahs perform only during Ramadhan
Iftar: breaking fast by eating food

manes macam gula tebu

I saw a post by Aiman. A post that touches the deepest part of me. Yes, you are true. So true. And here what he says,

I had a conversation with my Dad over the phone this morning and he asked me, “When will you post a new video?”

A lot of people asked me that question, but when that question comes from my Dad, it is more meaningful. That shows me that he watches my videos and that he cares.

Parents, you have no idea how much your support means to your kids.

Because life is so hard. And even harder standing here shivering alone under misty rain. Cold and hungry.