Side mirror.

a coffee, a pie, a sundae.

(an emotional attributes)

This entry perhaps will  turn into something questionable. But I believe I need to write this down for one particular reason: future. One day, people will be back here (InsyaAllah) and I hope they will come across this and understand the reason of all the start. Although this is like a piece of puzzle, but at least this suggest as a clue. Just a clue of how much I appreciate being in the point I am now that will lead to a grateful future, Alhamdulillah in advance!

The start. One evening. 

I had a latte after dinner and then comes good and long conversation with my best friend. In my case, when I said best friends, it derives because I have plenty of them. I believe these are blessings because royalty is something sharable and not subject to one individual. She is someone I’m comfortable to talk freely without hesitation because if she agrees, she speak but if she doesn’t, she silence and listen. When that occur I know exactly what to ask. The way she present her idea and experience is liberal, somehow I can tolerate them well. Whilst, she is someone I look for when I need critics – a hard and deep one – yet encouraging. She gets to deliver it in the way no other can. Could be because she went through a lot, but the fact that she gets to see the other side of cloud, make things become more brilliant. Then, I had her. She has both – soft and hug, tough and firm. Age adults her and I’m taking benefit out of it.

FYI: I’m not gender bias. When I decided on certain gifts for him, I observe. The character, the performance and the trust. If sakaratulmaut calls early, or at least earlier than a reunion, I know I can always count on him to bring a piece of me back to life. Meanwhile, he is someone I turn for advice when I already knew what he’s gonna said. For a non-specific reason, it just sound better when you hear it from someone else.

The necessity. Midnight.

|A coffee, a pie and a sundae is a complex combination but they taste desperately good. To me, best friends are people not only you spend your meal on daily basis, but the person whom you make secret contact through unspeakable medium – concern and love. |

Certainty. Future.

Thank you. I won’t be here too long for I know very well, one day my time will arrive. When the moment come please cry. Not because its nature behaviour but because I’m worth living and I’ll be missed and be remembered in every doa’.

Quote: The scariest moment is always just before you start – Stephen King.

Haze gets me a little too emotional, hahaa!~ 
Oh,well!~ I said this at last; phew, Alhamdulillah.. hehe ^__^)v