the change.

One Friday, a friend of mine went for Solah Jumaah when we were in Medan last time. After prayer, he went out of the mosque and notice a small kid has polished and waxed his shoes nicely. My friend asked for the cost of his service and the boy charged it 50 cent. Because my friend had felt so satisfied with his service, he decided to give him two ringgit. The small boy was so awed by the amount of money, he felt reluctant to accept the money without providing my friend with some extra service. But my friend said “It’s sadaqah. Just take it” and he smiled. The little boy sat on his lap, still feeling wondered by his rezki that day and perhaps thinking he could take a ‘day off’. Perhaps this is his only day off this year.

It breaks our tears to hear this. We spend our money luxury on daily basis, some even on ridiculous things while others fight for a single penny. Our talks start with 10 to 50 ringgit, but some out there can only count 10 cents per day.

Have we been grateful?


[Teaser] Raziah, just married!

[Teaser] Raziah, just married!

Me and Raziah after her solemnization, Alhamdulillah =) Congratulation azie. InsyaAllah, after finishing my works, I’ll do the rest of editing and filtering.